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April is Rosacea Awareness Month







Welcome to April (honestly can't believe I am already saying that)

This month we are focusing on a skin condition that affects many but is still widely misunderstood, underdiagnosed and if ignored can cause continuing skin health issues.

Now, first big disclaimer. *Only a doctor or a dermatologist can diagnose* As skincare specialist we do not hold the credentials to officially diagnose. So what can your skincare specialist or esthetician do for you? That is a great first question and will be answered in a following blog post.

Today, we want to just give you a quick rundown of what you can look forward to this month and each post we will be finishing off with a Rosacea Myth vs. Fact.

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Topics we will cover this month:

  1. Sensitive, Vaso Reactive, Rosacea; what's the difference?
  2. How can you soothe your skin during a flare?
  3. What treatments should you lean towards and what should you avoid?
  4. When should I see and esthetician, when should I see a dermatologist? 

We will be doing live facial demonstrations of some of our Vaso Reactive and Rosacea treatments. A full month of skincare promotions and a chance to win some great prizes with our online and in store contests. 

Follow along this month as dive into Rosacea Awareness and as always

Have a beautiful day

Megan and the Team of La Crème Skincare & Boutique 

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