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Make up Tips from our Expert

Makeup 101 with Mara

Mara is our in house makeup expert! We were lucky enough to snag some of her for tips to help your make up routine go smoother. She also gave us her top recommended Glo makeup products (which we just so happen to sell in store and online) We are going to take a step by step look into Maras perfected make up routine. With that, let's get into the tips!

Back to the basics

Lets start with your brushes, if you don’t have clean brushes you can say goodbye to a clean look. Makeup brushes hold bacteria and nasty stuff we do not need to be blending into our foundation and products. It is recommended to use a spray brush cleaner (Brush cleaner link —> https://www.lacremeluxe.com/brush-cleaner.html) on to your brushes after every use. approximately every 5 uses, you should thoroughly wash your brushes with soap and hot water.

Finding your shade. Apply a small amount of foundation to your jawline/neck to find your right shade. Pick a few shades and test them beside each other to see which one matches best to your skin tone,

Fresh face = Clean base

Starting with a clean base is the key to a smooth base for your makeup. Never shy away from your full skin care routine and maybe some extra moisturizer (if you have dryer skin).

Its like starting a painting on a canvas that’s already been used….you just wouldn’t do it.

Speaking of a good base, a good primer will save your makeup look. Heres a quick guide to help you find your perfect primer.

if your skin feels dry, you will want a primer that is moisturizing, we recommend Glo Illuminating Primer

If your skin is oily, you want a primer that is Mattifying, we recommend : Glo Mattifying Primer

If you have combination skin, you want a primer that is smoothing, we recommend : Glo Fill Perfecting Primer

If you are looking for a primer with a bit of a Tint we recommend Glo Tinted Primer 

Direct link to Primers! (Buy right now, you won’t regret it, we promise)

a. https://www.lacremeluxe.com/illuminating-primer.html (illuminating)

b. https://www.lacremeluxe.com/mattifying-primer.html

c. https://www.lacremeluxe.com/fill-perfecting-primer.html 

d. https://www.lacremeluxe.com/tinted-primer.html

Conceal the Deal

Spot conceal for those days you want lighter coverage or a more ‘natural look’

Less concealer under the eyes is better. Typically your concealer is a touch lighter than your foundation. In this case it is great for brightening those under eyes but if you pack it on to try to cover the under eye bags—your will have the opposite issue, it will be too bright!

Maras fav foundation —> https://www.lacremeluxe.com/satin-cream-foundation.html

For overall extra coverage when your in a hurry, mix a small amount of your favourite concealer and foundation together on the back of your hand. Mix together with the end of a make up brush. Apply as you normally would. This gives more coverage for those boring you snoozed one too many alarms.

Maras Fav Concealer —> https://www.lacremeluxe.com/liquid-bright-concealer.html

Set it and forget it.

Just like concealer, less it more! Especially if your skin is drier. The powder can make your skin feel drier.

Sun Kissed and ready to Glow

Cream blushes and bronzers put on before your powder for proper blending. Also, when in doubt…blend it out!!

The only contour kit you will ever need : https://www.lacremeluxe.com/contour-kit.html

Sisters not Twins

What to know the best way to brush through your brows to shape them? Take an old mascara brush, clean it up and let it dry. Free and easy way to shape your brows at home

Also remember that both eyebrows do not have to match perfectly. Usually one will be slightly different then the other…..unless you have some crazy eyebrow magic

Use a powder and angled brush to fill in your brows for a more natural look. Use a pencil or gel to fill them in for a more full and dramatic look

Avoid a heavy hand while doing your brows, this will keep them looking more fluffy and natural.

Glo’s eyebrow quad pallet is the perfect secret weapon to a great brow. Perfect to fill, define and shape! - https://www.lacremeluxe.com/brow-quad.html

Our fav for eyebrows - https://www.lacremeluxe.com/309-dual-brow-liner-brush.html

Smoke it out

Eyeshadow is the number 1 way to change a look from natural everyday to a bold statement look.

When priming your base, avoid using powder primers. This can cause your eyeshade to crease much quicker than if you were to use a cream primer.

Blending is your key to getting that perfect smoky look or natural glow. We recommend using a fluffy brush —Our fav brush :

When choosing your look start with a lighter base and then build on from there.

For more detailed blending : https://www.lacremeluxe.com/306-detail-shader-brush.html

For more general blending : https://www.lacremeluxe.com/303-detail-blender-brush.html

Just Wing It

When starting your eyeliner, Mara recommends starting at the tip of the wing and then working your way in.

Deciding what liner to use can be tough but using a felt liner can be great to start with because it dries quick and can be more precise.

When in doubt, use the tape trick. This trick requires a little bit of scotch tape and your favourite eyeliner! Place the tape close to your eyelid and at the angel you want your wing to be. This makes that line super sharp and makes for easy clean up.

This eyeliner isn’t going anywhere…trust us : https://www.lacremeluxe.com/liquid-ink.html

 They’re real ;)

Mascara is very basic and something you’ve probably been doing since you could get your hands on your moms make up..lol..

The key to great lashes is making sure you are curling them BEFORE you put on your mascara (5 seconds per eye). Avoid using heavy pressure.

Remember to clean your eyelash curler!!! it's one of your tools you should be cleaning equally as often as the rest of your tools. Eye lash curlers can hold onto bacteria and then that bacteria goes back onto your lashes….gross!

When picking out mascara keep these things in mind. If you want your lashes to look fuller you want a mascara that is “volumizing” like this one: https://www.lacremeluxe.com/volumizing-mascara.html Whereas if you want your lashes to look longer, you want a mascara that is labeled as “Lengthening”, like this one : https://www.lacremeluxe.com/lash-lengthening-mascara.html

You Glow Queen!

Less is more..once again.

Adding a touch of highlight to your cupids bow to make that natural lip pop!

Your highlight spots should include : Tops of the check bones, nose, cupids bow and if your feeling fancy, a little under the brow won’t hurt. ;)

Colour Brick by Glo is your one stop shop for highlighting - https://www.lacremeluxe.com/shimmer-brick.html

The Final Act

Setting spray will make that look last alll day long! Its seriously going to be your new BFF!

Hold the bottle about an arms length away form your face and lightly mist. Allow this to dry completely and you're good to go!

We can’t complete any makeup look without this setting spray - https://www.lacremeluxe.com/hydration-mist.html

Ever feeling stuck or need some help revamping your make up kits come in and see us at La Creme or send us an email! We would love to hear form you!

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