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Article: Making Your Skincare Affordable with Simply Skin

Making Your Skincare Affordable with Simply Skin
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Making Your Skincare Affordable with Simply Skin

Skincare should be one of your top priorities.

Applying SPF should be at the top of that list. If it's not, that's ok..for now.

Here at La Creme, we want to educate you on the importance of skincare. Our first recommendation is to come in for our Visia Skin Scan so we can, then,” see, on a dermal level, what your skin requires; then from there, we can take a deep dive into what you and your skin needs!

Let's start by talking about why a good skincare routine can be incredibly beneficial.

Right now, your skin might be "good enough" or "not have visible issues,” which is completely fine, but unfortunately, over time, your skin loosens, sun damage catches up with you, or improper care can dehydrate and damage your skin.

What can I do now?

It's as simple as starting with the basics. A cleanser fit for your skin type or condition, a toner, and a moisturizer. That's it. That’s where you need to start. Now that doesn't seem too scary…right? 

Washing and moisturizing your skin each day can help combat any issues under the skin that could pop up later on. It's never too late to start your skincare journey.

"Take care of your skin in your 20's; your skin will love you in your 50's" - Megan Lindow, La Creme Skincare Specialist.

What we eat every day, the climate, amount of sleep, or stress can all affect your skin, so it's important to be proactive and take care of your skin sooner than later.

Our face is like the receptionist of the body. It’s the first thing people usually notice when they go somewhere, or in this case, see you. Putting your best face forward not only boosts your confidence but shows that you take care of your body. Most of all, who doesn't want beautiful skin?? We see actors and influencers with beautiful, glowing skin. I could guarantee that their skin would not be as healthy if they didn't have extensive skincare routines with high-quality products. 

"Beautiful Skin requires a Commitment, Not a Miracle" - Megan Stewart, La Creme Boutique Manager.

"But good skincare is too expensive; I just can't afford it."

We hear you.

We aren't millionaires either (we wish tho). We always tell our clients that you are spending a good bit of money on these products but:

  1. They work, and you will see results.
  2. Being that they are high-quality products, they are going to last you SO LONG!

"I got my products Dec 24th, 2020, and I'm just about done I iS Clinical Cleanser, and it's already April 2021" - Nadine Ashby, La Creme client..and now employee!

The proof is in the pudding! 

When you think of your monthly expenses, skincare isn't usually factored in for the most part. Any extra income you may have will either go to your savings or to treat yourself! At La Creme, we believe skincare is an investment, like a car or a house. What we mean by that is, we encourage you to factor in skincare as a monthly budget item. Setting aside even $50 a month for a few months can get you some really good skincare products that will last you a long time. When you don't need to purchase the product, you can use that time to put some money aside when you need skincare.

This month I challenge you to put aside at least $50 to go toward skincare.

"Good skincare ain't cheap and cheap skincare ain't good" - Megan Lindow

With all that said, we hope you can do some more research and understand and find out why skincare is important to you! 

What if I told you I could make your skincare routine AFFORDABLE! So affordable you wouldn't have to save money to get it, and you could get it TODAY. Well, now you can get with Simply Skin!

Simply Skin is your best option for affordable skincare. That $50 can easily turn into $85 a month, and you don’t even have to wait for your products. That sounds like a win-win to us!  

Let us break down Simply Skin for you!

Cleanser + Toner + Moisturizer = A Lot of Money 

BUT, if we take:

A lot of money ➗ 12 months = less money 

I’m no mathematician, but that definitely checks out and sounds much better! Of course, there is a little more that goes into that, but that’s the easiest way to put it! 

Have any questions or want to sign up today? Contact us here (link contact page)

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