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Oily Skin Tips and Tricks

Oily Skin is classified as a skin type and not a condition, you can learn more about this in our previous post here. If you have oily skin you will to some degree always have oily skin.


  • Less likely to display fine lines & wrinkles
  • Use smaller amounts of skincare
  • More resistant to sun damage
  • The oil keeps your skin hydrated
  • Don't have to work too hard for that "glow"


  • Excess sebum can lead to breakouts
  • Pores can be stretched out
  • Blackheads can be excessive
  • Can't be lax in your routine, no skipping a wash

Tip From a Pro - Your Pores are not too large, no one can really see them; Don't stress about it!

Simple Dos & Don'ts

  • You still need a moisturizer, don't shy away from them; just find the right one
  • The oil is your friend, don't strip it all away.
  • Use Acids that are oil-soluble, as they can break through the oil wall. Look for Mandelic Salicylic
  • Try a cleansing milk, not a striping foam
  • The skin should not feel squeaky clean, this means you've stripped too much off
  • Everyone's routine is different and nothing is one size fits all, reach out to a pro for help if you are confused or have questions
  • Use a toner in your routine to reset that balance 
  • Keep blotting papers in your bag for a quick fix
  • Stop into La Crème (or check out or newsletter) for some tips on how to manage your oily skin
  • Getting a Visia scan will help us understand more about your ski and how to lessen the oil production on your skin
  • DON'T try everything you read on the internet....Almonds are NOT a good skin exfoliant!! You can trust us on that one

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