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Article: Oncology Facials

Oncology Facials

Oncology Facials

What is an Oncology facial: Oncology facial treatments are a form of esthetic treatment that meant to complement medical oncology treatments, addressing unique skin concerns that can arise from oncology treatment while also offering important integrative therapy to help alleviate stress and anxiety associated with combatting cancer. 

Benefits of having regular Oncology facial treatments:

  • Promotes :
    • Blood Circulation 
    • Hydration 
    • Relaxation 
    • Enhanced breathing 
    • Sleep
    • Socialization
  • Stimulating / relaxing the nervous system
  • Can reduce side effect of cancer treatment (nausea and loss of apatite)
  • Pain reduction    
  • Improve the quality of the skin 
  • Reduce anxiety and depression 

What we offer:

At La Crème we offer oncology treatments in our boutique. Before treatment begins, we sit down with you for a consultation. During your consultation we talk about not only your skin but your cancer treatments. This allows us to have a better understanding to what your skin has been through and our best course of action to help. This treatment is all about how we can help you and your skin while keeping you comfortable during these hard times. We will do everything we can to keep you comfortable throughout this entire process.

The education behind it:

We first start by learning and understanding the different types of cancer treatments and how they affect the body. 

--> Radiation and Surgery are "local" treatments

--> Chemotherapy is a "systemic" form of treatment

Each type of treatment causes side effects on the body, however the types of side effects can vary.

Side effects can include : pain, swelling, scars from surgical procedures, skin discoloration, radiation dermatitis, erythema or reddening of the area, edema, partial loss of  epidermal basal cells which can cause dryness, itching, scaling, flaking and peeling,  dark circles, hyperpigmentation, crusting, blistering, fatigue, and hair loss.

With Oncology facials/treatments can help reduce or improve these side effects 

Come into the boutique today or give us a call to book your appointment.

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