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Skincare and Sunscreen

It goes without saying that suncare and skincare go hand in hand. If you don’t have good suncare, there’s no point in putting money into good skincare. There are so many benefits to wear suncare that it should be a no-brainer! Here are a few of the most important benefits.


  • Prevents premature aging-brainer
  • Lowers skin cancer risks
  • It prevents sunburns (but you already knew that) 
  • Prevents hyperpigmentation from worsening 
  • Protects skin from sun damage (brown spots and melasma)


Wearing SPF is a way of what we like to call “protecting your investment.” You’ve taken all this time to invest in your skin and do everything it takes to have nice skin. Of course, you would want to protect it...right? Wearing SPF should be a part of your skincare routine rather than a separate thing. SPF if you’re breaking the line between SPF and make-up/ bare face. It’s the last thing on your face. After all, it’s a barrier because it has protective properties.


SPF should be worn all year round, Spring, summer, fall, and winter! UV rays are here all year round! Whether a snowstorm, a wind storm, a dark and dreary afternoon, or a sunny morning...wear your SPF! 


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