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Dehydrated Skin Type

Dehydration of the skin is a condition, unlike dry skin which is a skin type. Anyone can experience dehydrated skin, which is characterized by a lack of water in the skin and can be caused by a multitude of different circumstances. These include the environment, diet, wrong product usage and other factors. Dehydrated skin can experience breakouts due to an overproduction of oil as the skin attempts to rehydrate. The skin may feel both oily and dry throughout the day, and the “dry” feeling to the skin is inconsistent. Education and consultation are key to understanding if you have dehydrated or dry skin which is why we suggest booking a consult to determine your proper skincare products.

Characteristics of Dehydrated Skin

  • Experience a few breakouts
  • Dry feeling comes and goes
  • Feel oily and dry throughout the day
  • Similar to dry skin you may feel tight, flaky and sensitive in areas
We believe consultation is key to understanding your skin and the proper products to use. Book a consult with a skincare specialist today and finally understand your skin.