First Timers

Welcome and thank you for considering La Creme Boutique. Booking your first treatment with us is simple, follow the link and click on the First Time Facial treatment. This treatment comes with a 15 minute consultation and 60 minute custom facial. 

Wanting a more in depth consult? Choose from our variety of consultations and we will help you to plan out a proper treatment schedule.

The first time facial allows us to get an in depth look at your skin and allows you to relax without worrying if you picked the right treatment or not. 

After this treatment, you will be able to book any of our time based treatments and we will be able to curate each treatment to you and your skins needs. This is why we call them "Your" facial, becuase moving forward it has your name in it. 

Here are our consultation options for first time facials at La Creme de la Creme

  • Visia Skin Scan

    A Visia Scan will measure your skins pore size, sun damage, texture, wrinkles and porphyrins.
  • Visia Skin Scan & Consult

    A combination of our Visia Skin Scan and one-on-one time with an esthetician to delve into your skin care needs & routine.
  • Visia Skin Scan, Consult & Analysis

    Regardless of whether you’re getting a gel manicure or a regular manicure, picking a salon with good reviews and sterile instruments is important. Bacteria and contaminated tools can cause skin infections, so it’s best to make sure you are heading to a reputable location.


Learn more about your skin

Do's and Don'ts for your first visit to 
La Creme

Don't come with makeup or spf on (if possible)
Do come ready to relax
Don't be late
Do come ready to learn (Megan loves to educate)
Don't come if you are sick, please reschedule