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meet the team

Our Team

Get to know the La Creme team

Senior Skincare revisionist

Megan Lindow

Megan is the visionary behind La Crème. She wanted to build a space that was a skincare stepping stone - a balance of treatment focused services without losing the relaxing touch. Megan is a true Disney fanatic and can belt out any Disney song right down to the most classic. She started her skin care journey 7 years ago after her grandmothers passing, a memory that inspired a specific skincare passion of hers.

Junior Skincare Revisionist

Sasha Watt

Sasha is a born and raised Penticton local. She is La Crème’s most senior employee, handling aesthetics, retail, and everything in-between. Her favourite part of the facial treatment is the consultation, helping clients understand their skin type and concerns. Her go-to coffee order is an Americano Misto with oat milk.


Lisa Linz

Lisa grew up in a small town near Frankfurt, Germany, she finds utmost joy in the massage and extraction components of facials. Lisa has a passion for assisting individuals in discovering the right skincare routines tailored to their specific concerns. Beyond her skincare pursuits, Lisa enjoys camping trips with her partner. When it comes to Starbucks, her go-to order is a delicious Vanilla Latte.


Vanessa Katekani Masingi

Hailing from South Africa, Kat holds a diploma in Somatology and has six years of experience being an esthetician, including two years on cruise ships! Her favorite facial treatment is chemical peels, and she particularly enjoys the facial massage. Outside skincare, Kat loves a Blenz Hot Chocolate paired with a Pizza Pretzel.