Welcome back to La Creme! We are excited to see you again and can't wait to treat you and your skin.

Booking is now easier than even with our online booking app. Simply click the link, choose how much time you want to spend with us and book it.

Date/time not coming up as available? No worries, give us a call or an email and we will see what we can do to make it work for you. 

What makes our facial treatments different?

Facial massage is an area we pride ourselves in. Depending on what comfort level you have, guides us as to how intense we go. Megan is know for her facial "workout" that works the muscles, lifts and tones the skin and relives facial tension similar to full body massage. It's also not just a step in our facial treatments, we strive to incorporate full massage techniques throughout the entire experience. Plus, we know that while a mask sits you can't wait for that neck and shoulder or arm and hand massage so we definitly work to incorporate that as well. Thats where a treatmen being time based allows for more or less depedning on how much time you can commit to.