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Sensitive Skin Type


The Core Three

This is the foundation of your routine—the products that keep your skin clean, happy, and healthy.


Remove the oil, dirt, and debris every morning and night.


Use a toner to restore skin's pH after a deep clean.


Rehydrate your skin's protective barrier with a moisturizer.



Sensitive Skin Information

Sensitive skin is generally an indication of a broken down skin barrier and is a common skin condition amongst all skin types and ages. Those in need of a regime targeted to sensitivity may be experiencing redness, stinging, and irritation to wind, pollution, UV rays, cold and stress. Fragile skin may be red, tight, itchy, and marks easily. Products listed here are meant to help calm and soothe the skin while reinforcing and protecting the skin’s natural barrier. We recommend a consultation if you are unsure of which products would be right for your specific skin concerns.

Characteristics of Sensitive Skin

  • Irritation to environmental factors
  • Reactive
  • Experience severe redness, stinging or easily marked
  • Skin is fragile, intolerant and hypersensitive
We believe consultation is key to understanding your skin and the proper products to use. Book a consult with a skincare specialist today and finally understand your skin.