Laboratoire Dr Renaud

C+ 10 Serum with Uvaxine Technology (30ml)


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The 10% Vitamin C Serum combines vitamin C in its purest form with proprietary M2PE technology from Intega Skin Sciences to neutralize UV-induced damage in all the layers of the skin.

The 10% Vitamin C Serum provides unparalleled protection against free radicals. But that’s not all! It also corrects existing premature damage by stimulating the synthesis of the fibres and proteins that are key to maintaining skin youthfulness and that reactive brightness by regulating the pigmentation phenomenon. Its daily use also prevents wrinkles and provides an immediate tensor effect.

Skin Types:

All skin types, even the most sensitive ones


The result is a support structure that is strengthened from the inside, and firmer, more youthful and more radiant skin, with a more luminous tone on the outside, that defends itself better each day against environment-related ageing. This makes it a bright solution to combat photoaging!

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