Milk Jar

Himalaya Essential Oil - grapefruit, patchouli, & ylang-ylang


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Refreshing citrus grapefruit and tangy blood orange are blended with floral ylang-ylang and the deep earthy aroma of patchouli, making this a pleasant and soothing blend to create a relaxing and grounding atmosphere. "

The Himalayas are more than just a mountain range with the enchanting landscape, they have beckoned to sages, yogis, artists & philosophers for years and is known as a supremely sacred place.

MilkJar's newest essential oil candle, Himalaya, was named for the star of this blend, patchouli, a plant well known for its magical attributes and uses for medicinal and spiritual purposes.

The essential oil Milk Jars encompass clean burning to it's fullest potential, using the most natural ingredients.

  • 50-55 hour burn time

  • natural coconut soy wax & wood wick

  • scented with fine fragrance oils

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