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LUNA - The Ritual Collection


Luna (moon); The grounding notes of wood resin, with its smokey and warm essence, invites you to seek gratitude in all the experiences life has to offer. Experience the luxury of this 14 oz boxed candle with the prompt card included to set your intention each time your Ritual candle is lit.

Scent Notes: Tonka, Teakwood, Leather

The Ritual Collection is founded on the belief that by creating space in our daily lives for the practice of intention, self-reflection, and deep connection, balance can be achieved. Each scent in this collection is crafted to bring us back to ourselves.

This collection features four new fragrances, poured into 14oz luxurious, high gloss black glass vessels with a 70 hour burn time. Each candle comes nestled in a beautiful two-piece box with its own affirmation card for your intention setting each time you light your candle.

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