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Quintessential Bath Experience

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For the ultimate bath lover gift them the Quintessential Bath Experience. Everything is included for a beautiful, relaxing bath ritual. Start with a delicious Blume Latte, frother included, in your cloud mug. Set the ambience with an enchanting Canvas Candle, a hand poured soy essential oil scented candle. Dry brush all over for circulation and skin refreshingFor the bath itself, multiple options are included so this gift is multi use. Moor Spa Herbal Bath to create a "mud" style treatment or Himilayian Pink salt. Sweep your hair back with rise and shine headband. A full body treatment ensues with the use of a hair treatment, lifting anti fatigue mask, foot file and body scrub. When your ritual is completed wrap up in a waffle spa wrap and nourish your skin with a sumptious body oil and body mousse. 

Included in this gift box:
1 x 100g Blume Tea Latte
1 x Blume Frother
1 x Blume Cloud Mug
1 x Moor Spa Herbal Bath
1 x Moor Spa Pink Himilayian Salt Soak
1 x 8 oz Canvas Candle 
1 x Rise and Shine Headband
1 x Davines Hair Treatment
1 x Footlogix Foot File
1 x Spa Ritual Dry Brush
1 x LDR Anti Fatigue Tissue Mask
1 x Sweeping Softness Body Sampler
1 x O/S Waffle Spa Wrap with clasps

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