About La Creme

We like to describe La Crème as your skincare stepping stone. A place where you have product variety with guidance from certified skin specialists and their helpers; this way you can be confidant in your homecare purchases. We combine this with in house treatments to supplement your skincare routine while also offering luxuriant bath and body products, robes, candles and skincare accessories.

Consultation is a key part of the guidance we extend. It's not about the latest trends or "new" and "perfect for everyone" ingredients. The key to healthy skin is products that your skin actually needs and that you will consistently use.

La Crème de la Crème - The best of the best. That is not only the service level we strive to provide but the quality in products for you to select from. We are your skincare safe space, the people you can ask any and all questions of, your cheerleaders when your skin is great and your support system when it's not quite working. We love all things skin and want you to love the skin you're in.



La Creme Skin Care Boutique is here to give you guidance to go in the right direction with your skin care, whether it be education, monthly check ups, facials or information about how to properly care for your skin type or concern.

Our skin care specialists will work with you to book your regular facials, keep an eye on how your skin is, work with you, be your support & personal trainer for your skin.

Having a specialist is not a luxury anymore, for many people it needs to become a regular part of their routine. We are your cheerleader & support system for all things skin!

Personalized & CUSTOM to YOU

Facial Treatments

In the spa/skincare/esthetics industry you often see "Custom Facial Treatment". What this usually means is that a few questions are asked to determine skin type, maybe what your wants are and then a pretty generic facial ensues where the "custom" part simply changes what mask and moisturizer are applied.

At La Creme, we switched it up and created the (Your) Facial, named because it is created for YOU specifically. We keep as much product in our treatment room so our skin care specialists have what they need fro you. From the first cleanse to the exfoliant, to massage techniques and technology such as IPL, Led Light, microcurrent, hydra dermabrasion and more, we provide the facial YOUR skin truly needs.