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Article: What to Expect - Test

What to Expect - Test

First, we need to understand your skin, so a consultation is key to receiveing proper treatment. We have three options for consultation bookings, but if you are wanting to just get right into a facial and have never visited before we have a first time facial you can book that includes a quick 15-minute consultation and a 60 minute custom treatment.

It always starts with a cleanse

Now, once we have a feel for your skin and its needs we get to the treatment. Facials can follow a basic pattern, but we have a lot of extras we can do as well. We suggest double cleansing at night and so of course we double cleanse in the treatment, sometimes there might even be a third cleanse depending on how much makeup you have on, sunscreen, hydration, or oil levels. One of Megan's favorite things is the iSClincial warming honey cleanser and using it as a cleansing mask. With honey and papaya enzyme, this really kicks the treatment off.

What about Exfoliation?

All treatments will exfoliate to some level. Again, this is dependent on your skin, your homecare routine, the last time you exfoliated and if you have had any recent treatments such as electrolysis, laser, IPL, microdermabrasion. The goal is not to strip the skin back and wreak the barrier, so the level of exfoliation really varies from person to person. For some it may be a light enzyme treatment for others perhaps dermaplaning or a superfical chemical peel. Our various offerings range from scrubs, fruit enzymes, chemcial peels, dermaplaning and combinations of these suited to skin type, sensitivity and durabilty. 

What about Exfoliation?

Facial massage is an area we pride ourselves in. Depending on what comfort level you have, guides us as to how intense we go. Megan is known for her facial "workout" that works the muscles, lifts, and tones the skin and relives facial tension like full body massage. It's also not just a step in our facial treatments, we strive to incorporate full massage techniques throughout the entire experience. Plus, we know that while a mask sits you can't wait for that neck and shoulder or arm and hand massage, so we work to incorporate that as well. That’s where a treatment being time based can have more or less depending on how much time you can commit to. 

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