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Article: Your Custom Facial done Different

Your Custom Facial done Different

Your Custom Facial done Different

Your Custom Facial Done Different



My time-based services allow me to truly listen to your skin and respond to its changing needs in real-time. Rather than relying on a predetermined set of treatments or products, I will assess your skin's condition during your appointment and create a customized plan that addresses your unique concerns. This is what is called (Your) Facial.

In the spa/skincare/esthetics industry you often see "Custom Facial Treatment". What this usually means is that a few questions are asked to determine skin type, maybe what your wants are and then a pretty generic facial ensues where the "custom" part simply changes what mask and moisturizer are applied. Now, this isn't to hate on or tear down how facial treatments have been done. In fact when I was first creating my treatment menu I was following a similar pattern because it is what I had been taught and what I knew. I soon realized I wanted to be more thorough for my clients. Also that a big blind spot in the industry was asking people looking for help and who were unsure of their skin to tell me, the professional, what to do for their skin. So I switched it up and created the (Your) Facial. So named because it is created for you specifically.

How was I able to do this? First, I took away the need for you to choose which treatment you think is right or even just sounds nice. Every facial treatment is time based, so the only decision you make is how much time you spend.

Second, I encourage you to come in for an in depth consultation.

Third, I customize, really customize. I keep as much product in my treatment room so I don't have to leave too often. From the first cleanse to the exfoliant, to massage techniques and technology such as IPL, Led Light, microcurrent, hydra dermabrasion and more, I provide the facial YOUR skin truly needs.

Why am doing it this way? So often, I was finding people on my treatment table and realizing that what they booked in for was not what they really needed. Then would come the awkward conversation of, can we change this, there's only a small price difference. I didn't want your experience to be dampened by what could seem like a sales pitch and not skincare.

By providing a time based service, I can do what I feel is right for your skin and you can be confident that I'm not simply trying to sell you on something with a higher price point, if we have the time anything I can is provided.

It's your skin health that is my main priority, so I do what I can with the time given to me so we can work towards your best skin self. This way if you want to move on to more in depth treatments, you are going into them from a great starting point.

Time based customization also allows room and grace for other factors. There are times when perhaps mentally you need a different focus in your treatment and I endeavor to provide that while not taking away from your skin goals.

Customization like this also gives us the ability to shift with your skin. Hormonal changes, lifestyle changes and mental health affect our skin. Proper, consistent home care heals and strengthens. This means that as time moves forward so do your treatments. It's not just the same thing over and over again, your treatment is your own and it becomes apart of you and your life.

So when I say this is (Your) Facial, I mean it. It's not custom done better then someone else, I'm not trying to put others way of providing service down. At La Crème it's just custom done different.

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